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01 August 2016

FAME method

What is FAME?

FAME stands for Fast Acoustic-guitar Mastery by Example. It’s a method devised by Dr Alex Davidovic and Milan Mitic and it allows you to rapidly learn to play the solo acoustic guitar using classic fingerstyle.

FAME is simple and gives super-fast results: you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll be playing complex melodies that otherwise take months to learn by using the traditional methods. For example, picture yourself playing Waltzing Matilda, the great Australian song, on the acoustic guitar. Watch the Waltzing Matilda video – thanks to the FAME method, this could be you playing it only 10 days from now 🙂 Or, how about Speak Softly Love from the Godfather or Greensleeves?

FAME is NOT the Replacement for Sheet Music

Learning to read the sheet music is hard. This is why there are plenty of guitar courses out there claiming to be able to turn you into a pro without ever learning to read the sheet music.

It is definitely possible to learn to play a number of songs without any knowledge of sheet music, but it puts you at a serious disadvantage. It is akin to speaking the language without ever learning to read and write, or driving a car without learning the traffic signs.

FAME is definitely NOT the replacement for sheet music – but it makes learning it pretty darn easy!

Have You Tried This Already?

Learning in a group of students with a music teacher is a time-tested way to learn to play the guitar. There’s nothing wrong with it – but there’s no denying that it’s a rather slow method. It tend to be tedious too – have you ever met someone who enjoys practicing the scales all day long? The bottom line is that it takes years to get anywhere with this method.

Having a private tutor with one-one-one lessons is considerably faster. Drawbacks? For one thing, the cost. There’s another serious drawback: private lessons are usually there once or twice per week – the teacher is not there 24 hours a day to show you how to play and to correct your mistakes.

It is hardly surprising that so many people waste heaps of time and money learning the guitar for modest results.

Mastering the Guitar Can be Easy and Fun

Learning which note is C or D is not that hard… but knowing in which position to play it, on which string and which finger, is a different matter entirely. Now imagine having a tutor better than any other tutor, a true expert, a super-tutor available 24/7, allowing you to:

  1. See and hear exactly how the composition is to be played
  2. See what both the left hand and he right hand are doing at any given moment – clearly, step-by-step and in slow motion
  3. Quickly link the sheet music with the correct fingering and the fret position, and
  4. Jump to any part of the composition instantly, and repeat it as many times as it suits your individual learning style.

If you had such a mega-tutor available at all times, 24 hours a day, do you think that you or your child could master the guitar quickly, and have heaps of fun in the process?

I bet the answer is the resounding YESSS!

… and welcome to your FAME, the Fast Acoustic-guitar Mastery by Example 🙂

The 4 Steps of FAME

With the FAME method, you follow 4 easy steps for each composition that you want to master:

  1. Listen
    Listen to the audio recording and imagine playing it
  2. Watch
    Watch the first part of the video while skimming over the sheet music
  3. Do
    Watch the step-by-step slow-motion part of the video with the sheet music in front of you, and learn the whole song, bit by bit, and
  4. Repeat
    Practice until it’s perfect!

The end result: guitar mastery at your fingertips.

Please note: follow these 4 steps in order, do not try to cheat, and you’ll be amazed with the results. It is the simplest, most effective way to master the guitar available today.



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