World Traditional Songs for guitar


01 August 2016, Article
Rapidly Learn & Master Acoustic Guitar, Classic Fingerstyle
This course takes you from your first steps as a guitarist to playing the well-known tunes like Malaguena, Santa Lucia, Henry Martin, The Mulberry Bush, The Waltz, and a lot more.     Many regard playing guitar as great fun, but learning and practicing as necessary drudgery. Fear not, while there’s no mastery without practice, this hands-on course is designed to get you playing the guitar from the word go, through the set of lessons you’ll truly enjoy. When you finish with the course, ...
01 August 2016, Article
FAME method
What is FAME? FAME  stands for  F ast  A coustic-guitar  M astery by  E xample. It’s a method devised by  Dr Alex Davidovic  and  Milan Mitic  and it allows you to rapidly learn to play the solo acoustic guitar using classic fingerstyle. FAME is simple and gives super-fast results: you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll be playing complex melodies that otherwise take months to learn by using the traditional methods. For example, picture yourself ...